[Week 11] Meaning / Narrative – Presence / Awareness

ASSIGNMENT: Take a narrative structure and translate it into an object. What stories do objects tell? What is the story your object is telling?

Every word has its own story which is the meaning. For example, “Book” is a number of pieces of paper. However, a person who does not know the word “Book” or does not know English might not expect the story of the word only with its shape.  I would like to express the meaning of each word with typo design.

  1. Book  (N. A book is a number of pieces of paper, usually with words printed on them, which are fastened together and fixed inside a cover of stronger paper or cardboard. Books contain information, stories, or poetry, for example.)

If “K” is rotated its direction, it looks like open books. I changed “K” to hardcover and papers.

2. Crush (V.  To crush something means to press it very hard so that its shape is destroyed or so that it breaks into pieces.)

I wanted to express the movement that the word expressed. I changed the direction of “C” and made it bold to give heavy weight to it. Then I used a relatively  thin font for the remain letters and put all of them on the right edge of the layout to make “Rush” squeezed by heavy “C”.

3. Over (PREP. If one thing is over another thing or is moving over it, the first thing is directly above the second, either resting on it, or with a space between them.)

The below picture is the image when I think about “Over”. I used an invisible bar to express the word and made the tail of “R” is over the bar.

A/D/O visiting _ Greenpoint urban vehicle

In the last week, our class visited A/D/O in Greenpoint to see the project of AA( Architectural Association School of Architecture) students from London.

It was a great opportunity to see a new perspective of students in the different field and studying in different continent represent vehicle and place. Of course, there was a constraint of the short time to understand a place thoroughly, but the process how they explore the place and collect information from it was very interesting and impressive.  For me, the process itself are as important as the result. And sometimes I believe that the process is much important than the result. Because we could see how artists put their philosophy on a concept and the way of execution, so the process could be an art piece itself. I feel this project was that kind of artwork we could follow their journey of the process.

In terms of fabrication, the vehicle was huge and overwhelming. It was created to fulfill its function and the shape of itself looked interesting. I was not sure the pen on the vehicle was needed, I knew that it was for collecting the air, but it seemed like unnecessary to collect air. But I felt the idea to install a camera on the top of it was brilliant because it could capture the scenery through the vehicle drove.

[Week 7] Materiality / Material Culture

This week, I made my own material. I was curious that I could paint with make up product on a paper because putting on make up is a kind of drawing on a face.

First, I mixed powder blush and make up remover. The remover consists of water and oil, I expect it could melt powders.


But it was not like my expectation. I decided to use more sticky material. This time, I mixed a lipstick and a toothpaste. 

My next attempt was mixing a lipstick and powder. I was curious the color of power could be changed to the lipstick’s color.

It looked like incoherent flour and was not good for painting. It needed some liquid, so I added the make up remover a little bit.


Here are the color and texture of mixed materials. First two are the combination of the lipstick and toothpaste. It took a lot of time to dry. The las two are the combination of lipstick, powder and make up remover. It looked not bad after it was dried.


Exploring new materials were playful, but finding a perfect one I really like was not that easy. Each material has its own characteristic and the it was hard to be merged into another one. I thought it was like human beings in some way.



[Week 6] Social Design

What is a social problem that you find particularly vexing? What can of interventions can you think about to address it? What are the root causes of the problem and who are the key stakeholders that can make a difference in addressing this problem?

=> The social problem I concern about is animal welfare about stray cats. There are people who feel pity for stray cats and feed them. But also, there are people who do not want them walk around their house, and think feeding cats makes road dirty. This conflict often make violence or animal abuse by people who hate stray cats and also people feeding them. But cats need food and a safe shelter to survive. I think making a shelter is a good way to solve this conflict between neighborhood and save cats. If cats only sleep and eat in a shelter, they will not make their neighbor dirty, actually I never agree they make place dirty though. Here are some design for stray cats.





[Week 5] Sustainable Design


  1. What is “energy”? Create a piece that communicates your relationship to energy.

My energy is a relationship with stray cats in my neighborhood. There I five cats I feed, and especially two of them are very special for me like my babies. I really want to adopt them but I could not afford it now. Since I have started this relationship with two cats, my life was totally changed and taking care of them became the biggest and most important part of my daily life. Those two are my happiness and  I learn true love from taking care of them. I started to learn about cats and expand my experience for them. These days, one of them limped his one leg and could not step on the ground. I emailed to clinics and societies for help and founded the way to save his life. The cats made me do what I did not before.

So, I decided to make a bracelet with cat food to represent my energy with cats are always with me, and to show my hands with scars from cats.



2. Keep a log of all your “waste” and propose alternatives to your consumption/waste patterns.



Most of my waste was something related to food such as plastic bags after shopping or food packages. And a disposable coffee cups were one of the bog part.

My alternatives to reduce this waste would be…

  • Bring a shopper bag for grocery shopping instead of using a plastic bag
  • Bring a lunchbox for school instead of eating out. This is also good way to save money.
  • Order coffee in a mug when I stay in a cafe. This is what I do when I go to a cafe not to waste a disposable cup. But I feel this is not enough and I should bring a tumbler.
  • Sometimes I use a food package as a cat food tray or a container on a desk. This was the transformation of a food package to brush container. I also got color sheets from the junk shelf at ITP.

























[Week4] Final project idea

In this semester, a particle system was really interesting subject for me. Everything the class covered was super difficult for me, but it was really interesting that to see how physics affect to objects. And it was so much fun to play with variations on velocity, force and acceleration.

So, I wanted to experiment with a particle system.

This was the motive of my final project.

I played this with lines having random color, and change velocity to represent wind effect.

This was the first step of my final project.

And here is my final work.


[Week5] User test (Counting clock)



I had a user test with ITP friends, and received various feedback that I did not expect. I realized why a user test is essential after the design. The next step will be developing UX and UI design based on the user test feedback.


  • I was confused with numbers because there is no number unit.
  • In the main counting page, the title of the counting clock is set vertically. It is shifted to the horizontal layout for the readability.
  • I do not know the horse icon is an indicator of the process.
  • In terms of the counting down clock for days, what about using the calendar API? It is a little bit uncomfortable that the remained days are not counted down automatically.

In addition, I realized a cancellation button for adding or subtracting numbers providing against the wrong click.