#6. Digital Input & Output – Traffic Lights

I made two LEDs are turned on and off by pressing a pushbutton. For this, two digital outputs which were a green LED and a red LED and one digital input which was a pushbutton were needed. LEDs were separately connected to digital output 2 and 4, because they should be turned on and off respectively based on pressing the pushbutton.  I set only the red one was turned on when the button was open, and the green one was turned on when the button was closed. It means that if the buttonState was low , digitalWrite of the red LED should be high and the green LED should be low to be turned on only the red LED. On the contrary to this, if buttonState was high which means 5V was flew through the button, only the green LED should be high to be turned on. The result looked like a traffic light.


#5. Digital Input & Output



I set three digital outputs, a green LED, a yellow LED and a motor, separately. The result was they were turned on in order of writing codes.



So, I put two LEDs in a same digital output and they were turned on at the same time as I expected.


I changed the delay time shorter to allow LEDs to blink faster. screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-11-20-57-pm


#3. Switches (pushbutton) – part 1

I set a pushbutton switch on a breadboard. The start was not bad. However…

kakaotalk_photo_2016-10-04-19-09-56_12 kakaotalk_photo_2016-10-04-19-09-58_38

And I was faced an unexpected problem. I just moved the location of LED connected to the above leg of the pushbutton, then the switch worked in opposite way. The switch is opened with untouched, and if I pushed the button, it was open and current was flew. It was so weird. You can see this with the below video.

#2. Measuring voltage with a multimeter

I used a multimeter to measure voltage.

I compared the difference of voltage following the number of LEDs.

First, I turned the dial of the multimeter on 20V.

(I had turned it on 2V and checked voltage, but the multimeter had not worked because the power through the arduido is 5V.)

1) Set One LED

  • Resistance: 2. 76V
  • LED: 19.4V




2) Set two LEDs

  • Resistance: 1.17V
  • 1st LED: 1.85V
  • 2nd LED: 1.92V



Those were serial circuits and I could see the voltage was dropped from the power to the ground through the circuit.

Week3. Storyboard and lighting

Sentence: I wish you were here.

Jina and me expressed the sentence above with a four cut picture. We set a woman who miss her boyfirend who is not with her now. Through the first three picture, she looks very happy with having a tea with her boyfriend sitting infront of her. However, we could notice that she is actually sitting alone and imagined she was with him. We take the first three pictures in a close distance to her to make people imagine that there is a guy in front of her, and took a full shot to show the entire space in the last scene. A soft light was used for the pictures.


kakaotalk_photo_2016-10-02-20-44-46_73 kakaotalk_photo_2016-10-02-20-44-48_64 kakaotalk_photo_2016-10-02-20-44-50_41kakaotalk_photo_2016-10-02-20-44-51_96