[Week 6] Social Design

What is a social problem that you find particularly vexing? What can of interventions can you think about to address it? What are the root causes of the problem and who are the key stakeholders that can make a difference in addressing this problem?

=> The social problem I concern about is animal welfare about stray cats. There are people who feel pity for stray cats and feed them. But also, there are people who do not want them walk around their house, and think feeding cats makes road dirty. This conflict often make violence or animal abuse by people who hate stray cats and also people feeding them. But cats need food and a safe shelter to survive. I think making a shelter is a good way to solve this conflict between neighborhood and save cats. If cats only sleep and eat in a shelter, they will not make their neighbor dirty, actually I never agree they make place dirty though. Here are some design for stray cats.