[Week 7] Materiality / Material Culture

This week, I made my own material. I was curious that I could paint with make up product on a paper because putting on make up is a kind of drawing on a face.

First, I mixed powder blush and make up remover. The remover consists of water and oil, I expect it could melt powders.


But it was not like my expectation. I decided to use more sticky material. This time, I mixed a lipstick and a toothpaste. 

My next attempt was mixing a lipstick and powder. I was curious the color of power could be changed to the lipstick’s color.

It looked like incoherent flour and was not good for painting. It needed some liquid, so I added the make up remover a little bit.


Here are the color and texture of mixed materials. First two are the combination of the lipstick and toothpaste. It took a lot of time to dry. The las two are the combination of lipstick, powder and make up remover. It looked not bad after it was dried.


Exploring new materials were playful, but finding a perfect one I really like was not that easy. Each material has its own characteristic and the it was hard to be merged into another one. I thought it was like human beings in some way.