A/D/O visiting _ Greenpoint urban vehicle

In the last week, our class visited A/D/O in Greenpoint to see the project of AA( Architectural Association School of Architecture) students from London.

It was a great opportunity to see a new perspective of students in the different field and studying in different continent represent vehicle and place. Of course, there was a constraint of the short time to understand a place thoroughly, but the process how they explore the place and collect information from it was very interesting and impressive.  For me, the process itself are as important as the result. And sometimes I believe that the process is much important than the result. Because we could see how artists put their philosophy on a concept and the way of execution, so the process could be an art piece itself. I feel this project was that kind of artwork we could follow their journey of the process.

In terms of fabrication, the vehicle was huge and overwhelming. It was created to fulfill its function and the shape of itself looked interesting. I was not sure the pen on the vehicle was needed, I knew that it was for collecting the air, but it seemed like unnecessary to collect air. But I felt the idea to install a camera on the top of it was brilliant because it could capture the scenery through the vehicle drove.