Data Self-Portrait (Trial and error)

For making a self-portrait with my data, I thought about components consisting of me. And I felt my data are like nutrients consisting of my body. Even my major in my undergraduate was Food & Nutrition, so I thought to represent myself in the way of nutrition facts like food was an interesting idea to convey data about me.

Step 1. Data about me

  • characters from my nationality
  • my personal characteristics
  • what I like
  • experience (mostly from the last two weeks)

Step 2. Creating concept


The next step was creating a concept of the representation. As my basic idea, I thought about several options such as drinks, box, eggs package etc. Finally, I chose a disposable coffee which people consume almost every day and need it that much.



Step 3. Choosing data to use and materials to represent it

  • Korean => Spice pepper powder which is the most used for Korean cooking
  • my characteristics: a little bit weak in body these days=> pills
  • what I like: cats, => cat food / drawing/illustration  => papers, erasers and pencils

Step 4. Making