Journey #1: Start from Form

  1. Choose the creative/design form you are most comfortable with

The most comfortable design form of me is digital drawing using my Wacom tablet which I used almost every day. I have used it for more than two years. It has simple functions and a portable device. I could save my working hours with it, and it also let me draw digital illustration like a hand drawing.


2. Identify the potential that form has for causing discomfort


The capacity of this form pretty much depends on the device itself. The sensitivity about the pressure on a pen or a table surface is an important factor. Especially a nib of a pen is consumable, the user has to replace it with a new onewhen a nib of the pen is worn down. There are extra nibs on the back of the tablet inside of the small cover on the top.

The potential discomfort that the form could cause would be


<usage side>

  • could make a gap between hand drawing and digital drawing
  • getting rely on digital for drawing, hard to feel the texture of materials

<device side>

  • A user is not sure when is the time to replace a nib
  • A user might be confused how to replace it
  • If a pen is not working, we don’t know it is the actual problem of the pressure of the surface of the tablet or a pen, or just because of the incorrect way of using it.



3. Identify a goal that could be reached by tapping this potential

  • finding a way to collaborate with analog and digital drawing
  • adding colors and simple icons to let users more details of the instruction


4. Design a “journey” through the discomfort toward that goal, using your chosen form