[week 4] interview

This week, I interviewed Shelly who took care of stray cats living on her street since 2012.  After talking with Alon and Francesca after the last class, I fixed my society as Stray cats in New York and started from the beginning. So far, I did not focus on people too much and just focused on cats. However, based on his advice I focused on collecting story from people.

The interview took about 30 minutes. She was pretty busy, so I had only 30 minutes to take her time. It was not enough time to hear all of her stories and stray cats, so I might meet her one more time to hear a more detailed story.  I was so surprised that she fed cats since 2012. She put cat food for them every morning when she leaves to work. She used to have her own cat, but after she died she is still not ready to have another cat. Instead of it, she takes care of stray cats like her pet.

During the interview, the cat was sitting next to her. Even she lived on a street, I totally felt the emotional connection between her and the cat.