[Week 1] Model fits inside a 3″x 3″x 3″ cube using at least 5 commands

For the practicing of functions on Rhino and learn how to do 3D printing, I made a simple cube using commands what we learned from the class.

It was made with the order like the below.

  1. Set unit and check how the scale of my working space. (3″x 3″x 3″)
  2. Make a box with a command “creating Box’
  3. Create little elements with commands “Creating sphere” and “Creating corn”
  4. Adjust them overlapping with the box
  5. Cut the part of overlapping with the box and the sphere on an edge with commands “Boolean split”. Get rid of the part I do not want.
  6. Make J, the initial alphabet of my name with a command “Textobject”, changed the scale and rotate it with “rotate”
  7. Do Boolean split” again
  8. Print it


I printed it with 50% fill.

[wee 6] Final 3D printing (Model and print a multi-part object)

For the final assignment, I made a lemon squeezer. There were lots of different types of squeezer designed on the internet and I decided to make container shaped one.


  1. sketch

It consists of two big parts which are bottle and the cap. They should be fit to closed and does not need to be a huge size. On the top cap, there should be sharp corn shaped to squeeze a lemon and holes to flow it to the bottom container. I felt it the corn is too smooth without any angle, it could not make much juice. But if it has too many sharpe edges, it might be not safe for using. So it needed some balance in its shape.

  1. Rhino 3D

Process: making bottle -> making plane part of the cap -> making star-shaped part -> making holes

It was a kind of confusing that it was not a solid even though it looked like a totally solid. Because that confusing, sometimes the functions did not work. And I forgot to put mesh before the export, and there was some problem about my mesh. I got helped from Chester that Meshlap could be fixed the mesh problem.



3. Printing & polishing

I could not believed that it took nine hours to print out!!!  I was worried that the printer did not worked well, but it was good even it took much time. There was a little problem that a nozzle should be charged in the middle of the printing and it was just a little bit dangerous moment. But it did well.


Finally, my squeezer has been made!

I cut out the remainders after taking off the supporter part. But there are little fuzzy hairs on the surface, I was sanding to make it smoother.



[week 5] final project (new version)

I switched my final project of 3D printing with a design only 3D printer could make. One of the biggest advantages of 3D printing would be creating organic shapes. For the new sketch, I wanted to use this a lot and also wanted to make what I love and something fun.

So, my final 3D design would he Meatloafing Cat. In Korea, we call this specific position as baking a loaf. There is also a special term called this position of a cat in Japan as well. I wanted to add a real load covering a cat as a cover. When people open the cover, a loaf, they could see a meatloafing cat inside.













For this week, I practiced Rhino and 3D printing not to fail the final printing.

So far, it looked OK even the inside part looked a little bit unstable. But it finally messed up. There was no stable supporter to hole the inside part, it was kind of floating in the air. So I had to stop the printing.

It was a printing mistake, but I learned what I have to be careful to make a model and especially learned how to adjust a board on a printer accurately. Even before the printing there was several fails about printing. The nozzle was running idle every time, and I realized it was because of the distance to the board was far.  After adjusting it to a millimeter distance, the printer made a good first layer.

[week4] final idea

I would like to make party glasses. I have two friends celebrating our birthday every year together. We bought a hat or glasses for celebration every year for each person because those were made of paper which was hard to store for a long time. And people tend to think it is too cheap to keep it carefully. But spending about 4 dollars for just a one-time usage made me a sort of wasting money whenever I had to buy a new one. Even most party glasses are designed for one situation, I wanted to make glasses for multiple party situations.



I want to make decoration part with hardboard paper a laser printer making people easily make a new thing and replace it depends on situations. I also wanted to make one more hole to put a transparent color paper like a lense.

And I tried to print a ring again. It looked better than the last time. I did it with the same setting, but only rotated the ring when I printed down. I realized because I did it in a bad position to print especially a small thing, it did not work well.


[week3] rings

Goal: Find an object and make something in 3D to add on to it with measurements,  ALSO – print something in 3D

For this week, I made two types of rings based on tutorials. Rhino is still very confused for me, so I keep following basic tutorials and try to learn it.I made two types of rings.

  • The diameter of the outside circle: 22mm
  • The diameter of the inside circle: 19mm

Ver 1> Simple ring


Ver 2> Abstract style ring


And finally, it was the time for my first 3D printing!

It was not easy to do it especially there’s a whole inside and size was small. And there were a lot of hairs which I had to cut out. It was not what I exactly wanted, so I tried a couple of times to print the same things with a different setting.

[week2] water bottle

1. Goal

Model an object (can be useful or just for fun) that is composed of at least 2 parts that fit together.

2. sketch

I choose to water bottle to draw but also wanted to add a straw attached on a cap. I found two references images on the internet.  


2. Process

  1. Bottle (purple)

: solide bottel -> shell inside

2. Cap (blue)

: solid cylinder -> make a hole inside with boolean difference


3. straw

: making a straw with a tube tool

: aline in center