[week4] final idea

I would like to make party glasses. I have two friends celebrating our birthday every year together. We bought a hat or glasses for celebration every year for each person because those were made of paper which was hard to store for a long time. And people tend to think it is too cheap to keep it carefully. But spending about 4 dollars for just a one-time usage made me a sort of wasting money whenever I had to buy a new one. Even most party glasses are designed for one situation, I wanted to make glasses for multiple party situations.



I want to make decoration part with hardboard paper a laser printer making people easily make a new thing and replace it depends on situations. I also wanted to make one more hole to put a transparent color paper like a lense.


[week3] rings

I made two types of rings based on tutorials. Rhino is still very confused for me, so I keep following basic tutorials and try to learn it.

This week, I made two types of rings.

  • The diameter of the outside circle: 22mm
  • The diameter of the inside circle: 19mm

Ver 1> Simple ring


Ver 2> Abstract style ring


And finally, it was the time for my first 3D printing!

It was not easy to do it especially there’s a whole inside and size was small. And there were a lot of hairs which I had to cut out. It was not what I exactly wanted, so I tried a couple of times to print the same things with a different setting.

[week2] water bottle

1. Goal

Model an object (can be useful or just for fun) that is composed of at least 2 parts that fit together.

2. sketch

I choose to water bottle to draw but also wanted to add a straw attached on a cap. I found two references images on the internet.  


2. Process

  1. Bottle (purple)

: solide bottel -> shell inside

2. Cap (blue)

: solid cylinder -> make a hole inside with boolean difference


3. straw

: making a straw with a tube tool

: aline in center