Consolation helper

UX design / Mobile APP



1. Task:  Discomfort Matrix Duo

Choose a partner and discuss areas of intervention on your personal discomfort matrices you would each be willing to allow your partner to address for their project. Use the types of discomfort and desired outcomes as your design briefs. 

2. Searching a partner’s discomfort  

I worked with Nitish as a partner and shared our discomfort matrix. The most interesting discomfort he had was he felt discomfort when he ran into a situation he has to console people. I wanted to work on this.

Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 3.16.36 AM.png

3. Concept: consolation helper app

- Target user: Nitish who feels discomfort to console people

- The object of the app: Learning how to console before he faces that situation in person

< Functions of the app>

1) Self-education

2) Sending messages to friends with a pre-made image with quotes

3) Report: Connecting report and reward system, so the app could be developed by a user feedback


4. prototyping

<considerations for the design>

- How can you keep the training impactful enough that it will be true preparation for real conversations, but also use UX and UI design that encourages repeat use?  

- Are the quotes that the user can send pre-produced (i.e. generated by the app/designer), or customized by the user?

- How does the training continue once the real communication starts (i.e. after the user sends a message to a friend/colleague)?

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 11.45.08 PM.png


1) Self-education: A user choose an answer in various consolation situations. 


2) Sending messages to friends with a pre-made image with quotes: Sub education function + consolation


3) Report: A user could play a new story with unlocking by points which a user obtain with the survey. TNew Stories are created based on a user feedback. 


4. User test 


6. Final design